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Services Offered
"Strength lies within the heart but the strength to trust lies between the horse and his rider."

~Author Unknown

Therapeutic Riding with Occupational Therapist assessment, recommendations, and supervision:
$52.50 *per hour

Therapeutic Riding without OT:
$40 *per hour or $300 for 8 sessions

Recreational riding, may include pasture riding, obstacle course, and show training:
$40 *per hour or $300 for 8 sessions

Birthday Parties with 2 horses, a horse to paint, the mini horse to play with and 
the clubroom to use for cake/ice-cream and presents. You also get our staff and volunteers to help:

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, individual:
$60 *per hour.  
(Many insurances will cover this!)

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, group of 4 or more:
$15 *per hour per person.

Meeting room available for groups!

​**PER HOUR**​  - charges are based on an hourly rate, therefore if rider is unable to complete an hour session, an hourly rate still applies.

Other Services Available:

Horses for Sale or Lease
Stallion Services

Everett having a little bit of fun!!!
Giving loves!!!
Birthday Party Painting!!!
Rocky looking handsome as he always does!!
Rocky receiving loves!!!
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