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"Looking into the eyes of a horse is seeing the soul and purity of life.
You don’t need wings to fly, you just need a horse."

~Author Unknown

Our Horses...
"Where the Miracle Begins"

Name: Penne Pasta: 
Otherwise known as: Penne
Joined REC: Was born here. Sold as a baby. Brought back as a yearling. Helped REC start.
Born: Jan. 17, 2006
Color: Red Roan 
Height: 15.2
Personality: Thinks she’s human. Has NO problem letting us know what she wants. Has definite preferences.
Likes: To be rubbed, petted, hugged.
Dislikes: For others to ride and not take her.

Name: MBR Simplee Sassy
Otherwise known as: Twist
Joined REC: in last 2010. Came from Atlanta, GA
Born: May 31, 2004
Color: Is registered as a Palomino Tobiano, but I would call her a Sorrel Tovero.
Height: Height: 15.1
Personality: Watches you until she trusts you. When she trusts you, she will do anything you ask of her.
Likes: Likes to be painted. 
Dislikes: Having her nose or ears touched, especially if she doesn’t know you.

Name: Limited Editions ImaPieceoftheRock. Registered in the American Miniature Horse Assn.
Joined REC: July 17, 2013
Born: July 20, 1992
Color: Chestnut with flax mane and tail
Height: 28 inches
Personality: Cross between human and dog. Very laid back and tolerant.
Likes: Peppermints, organic carrots, apple treats. Likes to be loved, petted, and have his mane and tail braided. He also likes attending barbeques, steam engine shows, and birthday parties. 
Dislikes: When the dogs watch him eat. 
FYI: Rocky is potty trained and will go safely into buildings.
Name: Dixie
Joined REC:  in early 2011
Born: 1997
Height: 15.3
Personality: Very timid. Afraid of other horses, even though she is the biggest horse we have. 
Likes: Much more comfortable around people than horses. Loves to be loved
Dislikes: To have other horses loose around her. They are fine if they’re being held..

Name: IB Susie Cool
Otherwise known as: Susie
Joined REC: when it started. Susie has been here since she was a 2 year old.
Born: April 20, 2000
Color: Dun
Height: 15.1
Personality: Gentle, unrattleable, but plenty of spunk. Fun to ride. Not lazy.
Likes: Trail rides.
Dislikes: Tight reins. Likes gentle hands.

Name: Jetta
Joined REC: May 2012
Born: 2006
Color: Jet Black
Height: 14.3
Personality: Quiet, Gentle
Likes: to be groomed. Loves to have her mane combed.
Dislikes: Going fast. She doesn’t get in a hurry.

Name: B Downtown Ina Minute
Otherwise known as: Mini-Me
Joined REC: Was born here
Born: June 21, 2009
Color: Sorrel with 2 high white stockings
Height: 14.1
Personality: Little but thinks she’s big. In fact, she thinks she’s the queen!!
Likes: Attention, pets, snacks
Dislikes: To be told what to do.
FYI: Mini is making a nice, calm lesson horse. However, she usually does a full body shake sometime during a lesson. The kids love it!

Name: TKJS Late For My Date
Otherwise known as: Tardy
Joined REC: when she lost her pregnancy in Sept. 2012. She was a perfect fit for the riding program since she was formerly a show mare. 
Born: May 13, 2001
Color: Sorrel Overo
Height: 15.1
Personality: Timid around other horses. People are her best friends. She loves to be loved.
Likes: To be scratched and rubbed. Loves Apple Treats.
Dislikes: Does not like tight reins. Does not like deer season. Is not fond of gunshots close to her. Definitely not a hunting horse.  
FYI: She is no longer sound from sustaining an injury to her hock. She is back to having babies and is the dam of KhakiClusion.
NEW ARRIVAL!!!!!!!!!
Name:  Babe
Joined REC:  July 4, 2014
Born:  2000
Color:  Black
Height:  15
Personality:  Big Teddy Bear, Gentle Giant
Likes:  Loves humans, loves being rubbed.
Dislikes:  FLY SPRAY
Call Us: 660-882-2377
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Name: Certain Investment
Otherwise known as: Jodie
Joined REC: in early 2011 from Altanta, GA
Born: May 7, 2002
Color: Bay
Height: 15.3, a TALL girl!!
Personality: Much prefers “people” company to other horse company. Doesn’t much care for 4-legged friends. A gentle giant with people, though.
Likes: To be loved and feel special.
Dislikes: Other horses eating where she wants to have breakfast.
FYI: Jody is no longer sound due to a broken bone in her leg. She is now a broodmare and the mother of Khaki Overinvested. 
Name: Lacey
Joined REC: 2013
Born: 2000
Color: Bay
Height: 13.2
Personality: Lots of heart and very affectionate! Can certainly keep up with the big horses.
Name: Lil Bit Of Socket
Nickname: Lily
Gender: Mare
Born: Feb. 20, 2009 on the farm. Was sold twice but came back.
Joined REC: officially in 2015
Color: Chestnut Tovero
Height: 15.3”
Personality: Gentle but mischievous. Curious. Into everything.
Likes: LOVES to be brushed and messed with. Loves to eat. . . . .anything!!
Dislikes: Rough hands and being ignored.
​Name: Cookies Showtn Girl
Nickname: Cookie
Gender: Mare
Born: June 3, 2006
Joined REC: 2012
Color: Sorrel with partial blue eye
Height: 15 hands
Personality: Lazy but curious. Likes people much better than horses. Really doesn’t like other horses much.
Likes: To ride on trails. To be ridden by someone who knows how to ride. 
Dislikes: Sidewalkers leaning on her. People being rough with her head. She knows what to do. She doesn’t like to be over-instructed. 
​Name: Dee Chris Bea
Nickname: Miss Dee or Mama Dee
Gender: Mare
Born: June 23, 2000
Joined REC: 2014
Color: Gray
Height: 14.3
Personality: Bonds strongly. Has her favorites. Checks you out to see if she can trust you. Very sensitive to nervousness in people. Boss mare with horses
Likes: Likes to just ride calmly with her head down with a relaxed person.
Dislikes: Tension. Nervousness. 
LuLu and Ivy!!

A year later and Lulu and Ivy are loving their home with their owners.  Look how big they have gotten!!